Cerapeia: Inner

To create a therapeutic environment in which people can release emotions, Danielle Ferreira organised a series of workshops in which participants made clay objects as a form of art therapy. The sculpting toolkit consisted of rounded and flattened sticks, nylon string, sponge, fabric, slip and plastic kidney. She gathered information to find out if participants’ personalities influenced their inclination to work with ceramics and to understand their relationship with clay. They undertook individual journeys within a collective, non-judgmental environment. There was no right or wrong way to work. What mattered was not the technique employed nor the final result but how the process of playing with the material helped people express their inner world. 

Graduation project at Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands

photographed by Femke Reijerman

Mind map of research.

Ceramic workshop No.1 
    “I started this research by teaching ceramic hand building workshops in the student house I am currently living in. My aim was to create an art therapy environment.
    The first class consisted of the basic principles of coil technique. I explained it to 6 of my housemates and after the demonstration the class officially started.”

© Danielle Ferreira